Cricketer’s Arms Hotel

One of the best pubs in the Port Melbourne and Albert Park areas

The Cricketers’ Arms Hotel tucked away at 69 Cruickshank Street on the border of Port Melbourne and Albert Park has been long regarded as one of the best pubs in the local area with its beautiful facade being of distinctive design and notable features including the aedicule surrounding the main door and the cast iron balconettes.

The Hotel was constructed in 1876 for its first owner, Thomas McCormack. The exact origin of the name of the hotel is not clear, though it is thought that cricket matches were held on vacant land nearby.

The venue has passed through many owners over the course of its history and most recently was acquired by current owner / operators Debbie and Alan Giles who have previously owned and operated a wide range of Melbourne metropolitan hotels.

The House of Food and Wine was established in 2016 to serve locals and the wider Melbourne gastro-pub lovers with classic Australian pub food, daily specials inspired by classic French and Italian cooking and a wine menu focusing on the wine regions of these countries.