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“The House of Wine and Food is a distinctive foodie destination in Melbourne. How many restaurants can actually claim that? Often there can be a sameness about Melbourne dining experiences – many cafe menus are mirrors of each other and even restaurants serving up similar dishes. But for the discerning diner, The House of Wine and Food is a unique and exciting dining experience in Melbourne bringing French, Italian and Mediterranean classics and compelling bar and dining spaces.”

Read David Hagger’s full review of The House of Wine and Food at The World Loves Melbourne

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 Popular Port Melbourne eatery The House of Wine and Food will say bonjour, bon soir and bon appetit as it celebrates – and serves up – all things French during its inaugural Bastille Festival in July.

Timed to coincide with the French national day, Bastille Day, on July 14, the festival runs from July 12 to 16 and celebrates a time in French history that revolutionised the way the French from all walks of life came to access and appreciate good food.

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Stocks… an important building block

When considering French Classic dishes it is important to appreciate the role of two vital components of the art – the building blocks – stocks and sauces.

There are four basic stocks, Vegetable, Fish, Chicken and Veal. They are simple to prepare and, relatively quick to cook. They require a few fresh vegetables – onion, carrot, garlic, celery, pepper, salt, perhaps some sugar, water and some white wine. Avoid green leaves to ensure that the stock remains fairly clear and then drain off the ingredients and keep in the fridge.  A well prepared stock will keep for a week or so in a cold fridge (less than 4 degrees) and can be frozen for as long as you wish.

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We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dennis Walter during 3AW’s Afternoons “Meet the Chef” segment.

Hear the wonderful story from Alan Giles on classic French and Italian food, the move from retirement back into the hospitality industry and the origin of classic French dishes like traditional Marseilles style bouillabaisse

Alan Giles Interview with Dennis Walter

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Coq au Vin – A French Classic!

One of the classic dishes featuring on our menu at this time is Coq au Vin, basically Chicken cooked in red wine. Originally, and still available in many parts of France, a male Cockerel was the required bird.  In many areas of France Cockerels are still bred for and popular as a Christmas dish, however they are usually only available in country markets and need to be ordered in advance.

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Mediterranean Classic Food – that’s what we’re about!

We call most of the items our Menu  “Classical”. By that term we mean that these are items reflecting dishes that have emerged mostly from France and Italy over a very long period of time.  They usually invoke a recognition of a particular form of presentation and ingredients.

We know what to expect when we order them, and they have a certain style and flavour. Most importantly they are a consistent inclusion in the lexicon of great dishes of those two countries.  It is also the case that most “Classical” dishes take time to prepare and skill in that preparation.

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Melbourne diners can now enjoy a traditional French bouillabaisse at the new Port Melbourne food and wine venue The House of Wine and Food.

The famous French seafood stew is based on a recipe picked up in Marseilles in the late 1960s by hotelier Alan Giles, who has spent years perfecting his technique.

“At that time the old port of Marseilles still had fishermen tying up and distributing their catch and there were three large tricycles with platforms built over the back wheels parked next to the boats on the wharf,” Mr Giles said.

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The iconic Cricketers Arms Hotel in Port Melbourne has been given new life by well-known Melbourne hoteliers Deborah and Alan Giles, who have renamed the venue The House of Wine and Food.

Nestled in a quiet residential street in one of the most sought-after locations in the city, the historic pub has been given a modern makeover, while retaining the historic charm for which it is known and loved. Its focus is on fine wines and beer served with delicious platters or traditionally prepared French and Italian cuisine.

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